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Laine Larson | Edmonton, Alberta | lainelarsonucp@gmail.com | 780.340.7977


Being born and raised on the south side of Edmonton, Alberta, Laine has always had a heart for this province.  After a decade spent working with Alberta's youth Laine moved into sales and management roles with some top level Western Canadian companies.  Now with a wife and three beautiful daughters, Laine wants to ensure that Alberta's social and economic futures are bright.

Laine's interest in politics changed in 2016 when, with a young baby on the way, he was laid off unexpectedly from a management position. Even more unexpected was how the job market in Alberta had changed.  Laine saw firsthand how the economy had weakened in Alberta, and the impact to workers like himself, looking for employment to support their families.  The economy was the first thing to set Laine on the path of pursuing becoming an MLA.  Government legislation that reduced school choice and showed a lack of respect for hardworking Albertans led to a desire to be part of the change.

Laine voted for unity on the political right, voted for Jason Kenney as leader, and joined the Edmonton-Rutherford board at their first AGM.  He has since been working as the VP of Social Media to give members of Edmonton-Rutherford a voice.

Edmonton-Rutherford is a diverse riding with diverse needs.  Laine is an honest, respectful, hardworking guy who is attentive to the different issues that face Albertans in this riding.  He has been working diligently to know and support what makes Alberta great and he wants to be your voice.  He will listen and earn every vote.  And as a fresh voice for change he will continue fighting for our province and fighting for you!